VW Beetle New Parts

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Please find more information regarding the mounting
of running board mats in Instructions.pdf (134kB) or
watch this short film Montage.wmv (4,8 MB)!

  7. Running Board Mats ...

original VW; good quality mad in mexico, color black, good fitting, (required for Pos. 1 & 3)
pair € 79,-

Running Board Mats
7.2 !!!sold out!!! or rather upon request
... original VW; from german production; color black; excellent quality with number stamping and VW-logo; perfect fitting; remainder of stock (required for Pos. 1 & 3)

running board mats
... from reproduction in 6 different colors; citrus yellow, green brown, alga blue, satin blue, ruby red and black;
(required for Pos. 1 & 3)
pair € 89,-
running board mats
original coloured Running Board Mats
original VW)

Since more than 15 years i am collecting coloured running board mats. I have actually about 500 new original coloured running board mats for bettle build year 61 or läter; price depends on conditions ( discolorations are possible) and rarity; prices starting from
€ 119,- for one pair coloured running board mats; also single pieces will be sold; please do not hesitate to contact me to find out if your desired color is available;

minimum price for one pair € 119,-

running board mats
Mounting beading (rubber)
for the gap between side skirts and the running board; flexible and sealing, so that you get a clean cross-over; no dirt and small stones collecting inside the groove;
it's not original but simply better!
3 meter long for installtion on one set of running boards;

€ 23,-

Mounting beading
8. Running Board Rubber Mats for the Oval Window Beetle
These mats are made of a thick rubber substance. The surface ribs are finely designed and run out towards the ends.
These mats are of a very high quality with a true to original optical characteristic and easy to mount.
Running Board Mats should be cared with silicone spray 2-3 times a year.
pair € 99,-

Running Board Mats 
9. Running Board Mats for Split Window Beetle in original look; ribs are finer than those of later construction years.

These mats are shaped to match the running boards at the ends.

They are attached via an attaching crimp and adhered or riveted on the mounting edge, oil and petrol resistant with fabric inlay

custom fitting and good quality
pair € 99,-

Running Board Mats
10. Fitting Kit for 1 pair of running boards with stainless steel screws and large bodywork washers - 36 pieces, made completely out of stainless steel,with 4 rubber distance washers
Set € 15,-

Fitting kit