VW Beetle New Parts

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13. Universal-Gauge Holders made of burnished stainless steel, for the mounting of gauges size 52 mm or 60 mm. For on or under dash board attachment (not only for Beetle)

1 gauge fitting € 22,-

2 gauge fitting € 28,-
3 gauge fitting € 35,-
Special designs possible
14. Stainless Steel Gauge Holders,
clock holders with housing for substruction

housing for 52 mm extra gauges, completly made from stainless steel; smooth workmanship; could be mounted below the dash board; match to special shapes possible; depth ca. 80-100 mm; 2 bracket holders included; cables and gauges will be covered; it's possible to paint it with car colour;

Housing for one 52 mm gauge € 89,-
Housing for two 52 mm gauges € 99,-
Housing for three 52 mm gauges € 119,-

not only for beetles!

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