Hello beetle enthusiasts!

Is that not a fantastic outlook for free-riders?

Sylvia, Bianca und Doris

For more than 31 years now I became infected with the beetle virus. Since then I have been occupying myself with the restoration, tuning and optimisation of my own vehicles. I do not only tinker around on them but also use my old VWs in every day life and I even go on extensive holiday tours with my Eriba Familia YOM 1964.

I also re-produce diverse beetle parts in stainless steel. My running boards which are made of V2 A –rustproof- and are optically equivalent to the original and deserve a special mention. All parts have naturally been tested and pre-mounted on my Ovali (oval window Beetle) which was built in 1954 and some on my T2 double-cab.

For your information: All parts are CNC pre-fabricated and completed through my own extensive handwork.

Articles can be dispatched if necessary. 

INTERESTED???.... then see for yourself!

Doka at the Matterhorn

Either here at my home or at the next beetle spare-part market ...
.... it’s the quality that makes it worth the while.


My VWs are especially appropriate for the use as towing vehicles due to their modified engines and an external oil cooling systems.

Doka Innenraum

T2 a-b double-cab, hybrid model YOM. 1971

T2 a-b DOKA
even more double cab

With air-cooled greetings

Norbert Bruns


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